Hey there,

Thanks for passing through and shopping with Texas Black Beauty Supply. This store was born out of a sincere need for diy hair supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic. We offer doorstep delivery to make sure that you have convenient access to our products and also stay safe during temporary social distancing.

I went from biweekly hair appointments to get my hair straightened to happily embracing my wash-n-go. I am a genuine advocate for the wellness of women through self-care and real beauty. I’ve served as a wellness scientist and launched the Refinne Skincare brand as well. We all want to look our best and I enjoy empowering ladies to bring this self-care experience to their own at-home ritual.

With TBB, you are in the right place for hair essentials, hair, and tools. As a 3c/4a naturalista for 15 years and mom of a baby girl with 4b hair, I’m happy to answer your hair questions anytime. There’s no need to be on the struggle bus alone.

OUR hair is beautiful. We love it. We accept it, and we want to handle it with care.



TBB Owner

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